Logan Neighborhood

Situated close to the heart of Spokane, the Logan Neighborhood has developed as one of the oldest residential neighborhoods in the City. Platted and developed between 1884-1890 by Sylvester and Ida Heath and the Jesuits of Gonzaga College, the area developed as a “suburb” of downtown Spokane. The pattern of wide streets and boulevard landscaping was introduced by the priests as a reflection of the popular trends in Europe and cities of the eastern Unites States.

Logan is comprised of verdant canopies of overarching trees, four parks, three major retirement centers, Hamilton Street Business District, two elementary schools, a high school, a university and a law school. The rushing Spokane River forms the southern boundary and provides recreation and relaxation for neighborhood residents. The more active choose to take advantage of the Centennial Trail as it meanders through Logan Neighborhood. Safety needs are well served by COPS Logan.

The Logan Neighborhood began their planning process in March of 2012. They meet the 4th Tuesday of every month from 6:30-8:00 at the Gonzaga University Plant Services Building. For more information please contact either the Stakeholder Manager or their City assigned Neighborhood Planner.

Stakeholder Manager
Karen Byrd karen@byrdrealestategroup.com
Neighborhood Planner
Jo Anne Wright jwright@spokanecity.org
Documents and Links
Hamilton Corridor Form-Based Code Regulatory Plan – November 2013
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Neighborhood Identity Plan Scope of Work
Meeting Minutes – July 25, 2012
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Memorandum of Understanding - May 2012
Planning Options - May 2012
Meeting Minutes – February 29, 2012
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Logan Neighborhood Assessment
Logan Neighborhood 1982 Design Plan (rescinded)
Logan Neighborhood Council
Gonzaga University
Neighborhood Planning Staff
Jo Anne Wright, Neighborhood Planning Manager - South Hill Coalition and Logan (509) 625-6017
Tirrell Black - West Central and Emerson-Garfield (509) 625-6185