Comprehensive Plan Amendments 2012/2013

The City of Spokane accepted applications for this annual Comprehensive Plan Amendment Cycle up until October 31, 2012, per SMC 17G.020.010. Applications for the next amendment cycle are due on October 31, 2013.

Four applications have been submitted and are undergoing the process of consideration. A Public Hearing before the City of Spokane Plan Commission is scheduled for August 14, 2013. If this Public Hearing is continued or deliberations are continued, the next Plan Commission meeting is September 11, 2013. Following the completion of Plan Commission review, the Plan Commission will forward an advisory recommendation to the City Council. The City Council considers the amendment proposals, staff report, and Plan Commission’s amendment recommendations and acts on the amendment proposals usually mid/late fall.

For information on specific applications, see the links below. If you are interested in being on the notification list for actions related to specific applications, please email the planner processing the application or Tirrell Black, Files for each application are available for public viewing during regular business hours at City Hall, 3rd floor, Planning and Development, 808 W. Spokane Falls Blvd, Spokane, WA.

Z1200043COMP - Cancer Care Northwest
Applicant Mike Stanicar
Location This proposal is generally bordered to the west by S. Sheridan Street, to the north by 5th Avenue, to the east by Hatch Street (with additional parcels located east of Hatch Street with frontage on 5th Avenue) and to the south by Hartson Avenue. Parcel numbers are 35201.5303-.5306; 35201.5345; 342002.4801-.4805, .4808-.4812, .4814-.4819, .4824-.4828.
Neighborhood East Central Neighborhood
Description of Project The proposal is to change the land use of an area in the location described above (approximately 3.3 acres) from "Residential 15-30" to "Office" and to change the Comprehensive Plan text to clarify supporting policy.
Staff Contact Tirrell Black, AICP
(509) 625-6185
Z1200044COMP - Carlberg
Applicant Tim Carlberg
Location This proposal is generally located on the east side of S. Grand Blvd between E. 31st Avenue and E. 32nd Avenue extending east 3 parcels in depth. The parcel numbers are 35322.1602; 35322.1607; 35322.1606; and 35322.1605. The parcel addresses are 614 E. 31st Avenue; 603, 607, and 611 E. 32nd Avenue.
Description of Project This proposal is to change the land use of two parcels from “Office” to “CC Core” and to change the land use on two additional parcels from “Residential, 4 to 10 units per acre” to “CC Core”. The approximate combined size of the four lots is .64 acres. The applicant owns two additional parcels in this vicinity that are designated “CC Core” on the City of Spokane Land Use Map.
Neighborhood Comstock Neighborhood
Staff Contact Tirrell Black
(509) 625-6185
Z1200045COMP - Alton
Applicant Duane Alton, Alton Properties
Location The property consists of two lots located at the southeast corner of the Fiske Street and 29th Avenue intersection. The assigned property addresses are 3102 and 3108 E 29th Avenue. The parcel numbers are 35342.0301 and 35342.0302. The property is approximately 12,400 square feet (0.29 acres) in size.
Neighborhood Lincoln Heights Neighborhood
Description of Project This proposal is to change the land use designation of the subject property from Residential 15-30 to General Commercial. If approved, the parcel would be zoned Center and Corridor, Type 2, District Center (CC2-DC).
Staff Contact Andrew Worlock
(509) 625-6991
Z1200046COMP - Sonneland
Applicant John E. Sonneland of 29th Street Investments, LLC; JE Sonneland; Sonneland Commercial Properties, LLC; Sonneland Residential Properties LLC
Location Southwest corner of 29th and Southeast Boulevard
Neighborhood Lincoln Heights Neighborhood
Description of Project This proposal is to change the land use of multiple parcels from “Office” and “Residential 4-10” to Center and Corridor Core (CC Core). The approximate size is 9.8 acres (Revised June 2013).
Staff Contact Ken Pelton
(509) 625-6063