Bicycle Advisory Board

Mission Statement or Purpose

To provide advice and direction to the City Council and all departments and offices of the City on matters relating to bicycling and to raise public awareness of bicycling issues.

The Bicycle Advisory Board is authorized in the Spokane Municipal Code in SMC section 4.16.

Meeting date, time and location (click here for meeting information):

The board meets the Third Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Council Briefing Center, City Hall.

Bicycle Advisory Board
Members Term Ends Position
Kate Burke, Chair 8/19/16 Citizen At Large
Seth Battista, Vice Chair 8/31/15 Citizen At Large
Andrew Kienast 8/31/16 Citizen At Large
Betsy Lawrence 8/31/15 Citizen At Large
Dave Braun 8/31/15 Citizen At Large
Donald Gibson 8/31/16 Citizen At Large
Elijah Johnson 12/31/14 Student Representative
Erik Nelson 8/31/16 Citizen At Large
Erika Prins 12/31/14 Citizen at Large
Ryan Patterson 8/31/16 Citizen At Large
Wilma Flanagan 12/31/16 Citizen At Large
For more information please contact:
Louis Meuler, Principal Planner (509) 625-6096