2012-2014 Comprehensive Plan Review and Update

Updated May 9, 2013

The City of Spokane is updating its Comprehensive Plan, a long-range 20-year plan that sets the framework for the physical, social, and economic development of the city. Spokane originally developed its Comprehensive Plan in 2001; with periodic review and updates of the plan mandated by the State of Washington (WAC 36.70A).

Three Parts of the Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan consists of three parts: goals and policies, maps and lists of capital projects.

  • The goals and policies are broad statements of the community’s long term desires, values and preferred future directions related to the physical development of the city. Goals describe the ideal future that would result if the plan was fully realized, while policies are choices made to carry out the goals.
  • The set of maps depicts the community’s desired future development pattern and how the city will accommodate growth. The maps show land use designations, which set where and at what intensity particular uses (residential, commercial, industrial and open space), are allowed. The maps also show things like the city limits, urban growth boundaries and street classifications.
  • The list of capital projects describes significant public facilities needed to support future development depicted on the map and described in the goals and policies.

Citizen Participation Plan
District Meetings - Live Survey Results
District Meetings - Visual Preference Survey Results
Policy Focus Group Details
Housing and Social Health Policy Focus Group
Housing and Social Health Participants
April 18 Meeting Agenda
April 18 Meeting Presentation
April 18 Meeting Chapter 6 - Housing Draft
April 18 Meeting Summary
May 7 Meeting Summary
May 7 Meeting Chapter 6 - Housing Draft
May 7 Meeting Chapter 10 - Social Health Draft
Neighborhoods Policy Focus Group
April 15 Meeting Summary
April 29 Meeting Summary
April 29 Meeting Chapter 11 - Neighborhoods Draft
May 13 Meeting Summary
May 13 Meeting Chapter 11 - Neighborhoods Draft
May 20 Meeting Summary
May 20 Meeting Chapter 11 - Neighborhoods Draft
Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Policy Focus Group
Parks, Recreation, and Social Health Participants
May 2 Meeting Presentation
May 2 Meeting Summary
May 2 Meeting Chapter 12 - Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Draft
May 16 Meeting Summary (coming soon)
May 16 Meeting Chapter 12 - Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Draft
Land Use Policy Focus Group
May 30 Meeting Agenda
May 30 Meeting Presentation
May 30 Meeting Chapter 3 - LU First Draft
Meeting Summary - May 30, 2013
June 10 Meeting Chapter 3 LU - Second Draft
Meeting Summary - June 10, 2013
June 24 Meeting Chapter 3 LU - Third Draft
Meeting Summary - June 24, 2013
July 8 Meeting Chapter 3 - LU Fourth Draft
Meeting Summary - July 8, 2013
August 5 Meeting Chapter 3 - LU Fifth Draft
Meeting Summary - August 5, 2013
August 19 Meeting Chapter 3 LU - Sixth and Latest Draft
Meeting Summary - August 19, 2013
Urban Design and Historic Preservation Policy Focus Group
August 26 Meeting Agenda
August 26 Meeting Presentation
Meeting Summary - August 26, 2013
Chapter 8-DP Draft
Meeting Summary - September 16, 2013
Chapter 8-DP First Draft
Meeting Summary - October 14, 2013
Chapter 8-DP Second Draft
Meeting Summary - November 4, 2013
Chapter 8-DP Third Draft
Chapter 8-DP Fourth Draft with Added Changes
Meeting Summary - December 9, 2013
Chapter 8-DP Fifth Draft
Chapter 8-DP Sixth Draft
Chapter 8-DP Seventh and Final Draft

Planning & Development Services Staff
Jo Anne Wright, Associate Planner
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